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Join us in making a difference! Your donation can help us continue our work and expand our reach. Every contribution, big or small, makes a significant impact. Click ‘Donate Now’ to support our cause and be part of the change.

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We value your opinion! Take a moment to fill out our survey and let us know your thoughts. Your feedback is crucial in guiding the direction of our initiatives. Click ‘Survey’ to share your voice and help us improve.

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Message Congress

Support the financial empowerment of individuals with disabilities by endorsing the SSI Savings Penalty Elimination Act. This act proposes to increase SSI’s asset limits, promoting economic self-sufficiency. Your voice matters—send a message to Congress using United Spinal Association’s form and help turn this bill into law.

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Contact Us

Have questions or want to get more involved? Our team is ready to answer your queries and provide information on how you can make a difference. Click ‘Contact Us’ to get in touch and learn more about our work.

We need your support!


Click below to find out how you can help with our cause. Whether it’s Sharing your contact information, filling out our survey, writing to your local representation or donating, we need your help!

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