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National Outcomes

National Outcomes

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These programs are thoughtfully integrated into state Medicaid plans to enhance the lives of disabled individuals and strengthen the program’s sustainability.

Rather than a broad expansion, these programs are carefully designed with income and asset limits that encourage employment among disabled individuals without compromising their access to necessary medical coverage.

Contrary to the belief that this is a major expansion of Medicaid, these programs cater to those who might otherwise limit their income and assets to qualify for traditional Medicaid. The program serves as a more strategic option that supports the disabled workforce and contributes to Medicaid’s efficiency.

Advocacy has been crucial in program adoption, shaping state policies to support disabled individuals’ employment and reduce dependency on public aid

Pathway to TennCare eligibility criteria offer a progressive approach to healthcare coverage, ensuring that people with disabilities are not solely dependent on public programs and can seek employment and personal growth.


MBI leads to more job opportunities for the disabled.

Enrollees earn more, benefiting state budgets.

A University of Kansas study found that program participants enjoy better living standards with reduced Medicaid costs.

Participants gain skills and autonomy, reducing reliance on public funds.

Program ensures support for a workforce inclusive of those with healthcare needs.

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46 states have incorporated the MBI program into their Medicaid framework, with the majority implementing it during the MIG era.

8 states have removed income limits, and at least 2 more are in the process of doing so.

19 states have either removed asset/resource limits or have provisions for no limits on earnings. Additionally, at least 2 states are working towards removing these limits.

States are progressively enhancing access by raising or eliminating limits on earnings, incorporating workers with disabilities aged 65 and above, and introducing grace periods or continuous coverage for those facing temporary employment interruptions.


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